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u r b a i n h o m m e

u r b a i n   h o m m e
design your self
design your style
we are a japanese streetwear brand founded in late 2018. our style is geared towards providing a classy and urban look inspired by you. we study trends throuhg instagram and let the style you guys like come to life. we created urbain homme with the goal to enable people to express themselves and their personal style.
we believe fashion is a form of expression that's unique to each individual. with this in mind, we promise to provide products with a wide range of applications that everyone can adopt into their current wardrobe, as well as help them expand and move into new styles.
our goal is to best take care of every person we come in contact with. community means the world to us. we love collaborating and working with our fans and customers. if you have ideas or want to work with us please message us on our instagram.